Paleobiology Database Data Archives

The following official electronic publications of the Paleobiology Database consist of major data sets developed by individual database contributors. Each archive's main page summarizes its scope, scientific goals, history, related publications, and contact information, and includes a link so you can download all the included taxonomic names and opinions. You can create your own archive of authoritative classification data by joining the Database.

  1. Compendia of Fossil Marine Animal Families and Genera by Jack Sepkoski

  2. Tetrapod Classification by Robert Carroll

  3. North American Fossil Mammal Systematics Database by John Alroy

  4. Taxonomy and Classification of Non-Avian Dinosauria by Matthew Carrano

  5. Gulf Coastal Plain Molluscs by Matthew Kosnik

  6. Paleozoic Gastropod, Rostroconch and "Monoplacophoran" (Tergomyan and Helcionelloid) Database by Peter Wagner

  7. Late Paleozoic and Mesozoic Radiolarians by Wolfgang Kiessling

  8. Mesozoic Reef Building Organisms by Wolfgang Kiessling

  9. Cetacea by Mark D. Uhen

  10. Tertiary South American Mammals by Darin Croft

  11. Decapod Database by Carrie Schweitzer and Rodney Feldmann

  12. Post-Paleozoic Asterozoans by Loïc Villier

  13. Taxonomy and Classification of Cenozoic Mollusca by Austin Hendy

  14. Sirenia by Mark D. Uhen

  15. Desmostylia by Mark D. Uhen

  16. Pinnipedimorpha by Mark D. Uhen

  17. Sphenisciformes by Mark D. Uhen

  18. Fossil Vertebrates of Alabama by Mark D. Uhen

  19. Fossil Vertebrates of Virginia by Mark D. Uhen

  20. Carcharocles megalodon by Catalina Pimiento