Tertiary South American Mammals
Data Archive 10

This is a Paleobiology Database Data Archive that includes historical and current taxonomy and classification data for Tertiary South American mammals. These data accompany an expanding set of occurrence records with an emphasis on Oligo-Miocene localities.

Scientific goals

This dataset is in the process of being completed but will eventually include all published Tertiary occurrences of mammals in South America. It is primarily intended to provide a framework for investigations into the biogeography and evolution of endemic South American mammals. It is also intended to serve as an easily accessible database of current taxonomic and systematic information for anyone interested in these groups.


Entry of these data began in 2004 and is an ongoing process.

  • D. A. Croft. In press. The middle Miocene (Laventan) Quebrada Honda Fauna, southern Bolivia, and a description of its notoungulates. Palaeontology.
  • D. A. Croft, Flynn, J.J., and Wyss, A.R. 2004. Notoungulata and Litopterna of the early Miocene Chucal Fauna, northern Chile. Fieldiana: Geology (New Series) 50:1-49.
  • D. A. Croft, Bond, M., Flynn, J.J, Reguero, M., and Wyss, A.R. 2003. Large archaeohyracids (Typotheria, Notoungulata) from central Chile and Patagonia including a revision of Archaeotypotherium. Fieldiana: Geology (New Series) 49:1-38.
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