Taxonomy and Classification of Non-Avian Dinosauria
Data Archive 4

This is a Paleobiology Database Data Archive that includes historical and current taxonomy and classification of all non-avian dinosaur taxa. It is accompanied by morphometric and paleoecologic data for a subset of those taxa. The classification and synonymy data are intended to include all published opinions (but with limited records of misspellings and other lapsus calami). These data are accompanied by extensive occurrence records.

Scientific goals

This dataset is in the process of being completed, but will eventually include all published occurrences of non-avian dinosaurs worlwide. It is intended to provide a framework for investigations into biogeographic, morphological, and other macroevolutionary trends within the evolution of dinosaurs, as well as the taphonomic factors, anthropogenic biases, and historical taxonomy associated with their fossil record.


Entry of these data began in 2000 and is an ongoing process.

  • M. T. Carrano and S. D. Sampson. 2004. Madagascar, ceratosaurs, and the Cretaceous history of Gondwana. Geoscience Africa 2004 Abstracts 1:108-109.
  • M. T. Carrano. 2005. The dinosaur fossil record. Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology 25(3, suppl.):42A
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