Paleozoic Gastropod, Rostroconch and "Monoplacophoran" (Tergomyan and Helcionelloid) Database
Data Archive 6

This is a Paleobiology Database Data Archive compiled by Peter Wagner and that includes classification and alpha taxonomy of Paleozoic mollusc groups including gastropods, rostroconchs, tergomyans and helcionelloids. The database currently includes information for most Cambrian - Mississippian species, with data including unpublished opinions of Wagner.

Scientific goals

The synonymies have been used to correct the faunal data, which form the basis for part of a comparative study of the effects of taxonomic standardization on sampling standardized analyses (Wagner et al. in review). These data also have been used to test general ideas about "wastebasket" taxa (Plotnick and Wagner 2006).


The basic higher taxonomic classification for gastropods from the Treatise (Knight et al. 1960) are included, with numerous revisions including those of Wagner (1999a, Wagner 1999b). Decisions attributed to Wagner (2006) reflect this database and the decisions of Peter Wagner based on continued phylogenetic studies that extend to early Carboniferous gastropods (including bellerophonts; see also Wagner 2001).

Alpha taxonomy for Pennsylvannian gastropods largely reflects Yochelson & Sounder's (1967) generic assignments plus subsequent revisions. The basic higher taxonomic classification of rostroconchs for rostroconchs comes largely from Pojeta and Runnegar (1976), with numerous emendations from subsequent publications. Opinions attributed to Wagner (2006) reflect phylogenetic studies begun with Wagner (1997).

The basic higher taxonomy for Cambrian molluscs largely reflects Runnegar & Jell (1976) and Peel (1991) plus subsequent revisions especially by Parched (e.g., 2002) at the species & genus level. Opinions attributed to Wagner (2006) reflect outgroup analyses as well as preliminary phylogenetic studies for Cambrian molluscs.

Funding for Wagner's research comes from NSF Research Grants EAR-9903238 and EAR-0207874.

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